About our name:

We wanted to choose a name that meant something, so we brainstormed for some time and settled on Lumispection.

Lumispection (n): Developing a better understanding (“spec” = see) through reflection, analysis, awareness, introspection, and mindfulness, using experience and research, thus reaching for truth, or light (“lumi” = light)

About us:

Diliana Dimitrova

I am originally from Bulgaria and grew up across Bulgaria, the United States, and several other countries where I also lived for varying periods of time, including France. I studied Finance for my undergraduate education, and also have an MBA from INSEAD. I currently work in management consulting, focused in technology and private equity, with functional area focus including strategy, digital transformation, due diligence, and more. Beyond this, my areas of interest are broad, spanning business, finance, psychology, travel, beauty, nature, health, and more. In my free time, I enjoy reading, doing a variety of physical activities (including aerial silks, lyra, rock climbing, and ballet), traveling (have been to 80+ countries), and more. I started this blog as a way to bring these all together and share my thoughts, experiences, and insights across them.

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Anna Wang

I am originally from Beijing and I grew up in Vancouver and Houston. I studied Finance and Strategy at McGill University in Montreal. I currently work in private equity, focused on buying and managing large infrastructure and renewable energy projects. I have done projects globally in 12+ countries. Previously, I worked in investment banking for telecommunications, media and technology clients, helping with M&A, equity and debt issuances and startup capital raises. I enjoy traveling (47 countries and counting), all forms of art (painting, aerial silks, singing), psychology, behavioural finance and sustainability. I want to apply my learnings to explain phenomena around me and things I care about.

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